Mata Ortiz Pottery Pilo Mora Labyrinth Olla

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Mata Ortiz Pottery Pilo Mora Labyrinth Olla

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Folk Art meets Modern Contemporary Art in this gorgeous masterpiece by Master Potter Pilo Mora !!


Folk Art meets Modern Contemporary Art in this gorgeous masterpiece by Master Potter Pilo Mora !!Pilo Mora is one of the original potters of the Mata Ortiz Pottery movement, and is a wonderful Master Potter. Pilo is featured on page 118 of the well known book "The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz", and is highly regarded among collectors of Mata Ortiz Pottery. A master potter whose work is featured in museums and galleries around the world! This is the one potter that Spencer MacCallum (the well known American Anthropologist who discovered Juan Quezada's work in a New Mexico trading post, and then began promoting the work of Mata Ortiz)insisted that we not leave the area without meeting and talking to! Fortunately, destiny brought Pilo to us, before we even had the opportunity to search him out.We had the enormous honor of getting to know Pilo and his family on our most recent trip. It was a delight and a pleasure to spend so much time with him, and we look forward to a life long friendship. we will never forget the memories that we shared with his family. Not only is his work outstanding... you will be hard tasked to find a potter who is more precise and more thorough in his work. His pots are smooth,light weight, thin walled miracles of art. Pilo had an unfortunate accident in which he lost sight in one eye. However, a trader to whom he had sold pottery to in the past, arranged for an operation to save his eyesight. This occurred because of the friendship and honesty that Pilo maintains as a core of his business. This particular pot is hand crafted of white clay dug from the mountains surrounding Mata Ortiz. The design is painted in a labyrinth design. It is outstanding both for its precision, it's fine craftsmanship of the thin hand formed walls of the pottery, and for it's overall impact and beauty! The labyrinth came to Pilo in a dream, in which he seemed not to be able to escape. It seemed to represent him going through life, encountering all of the typical problems along the way. There are also four stations to the labyrinth: 1) the period of birth; 2) the stage of growth; 3) the time in which you procreate; and 4) the inevitable cycle of death and dying. Like with the four seasons and the four points, Pilo has observed that much in life revolves around the number four. Don't miss you chance to own a piece of history, and a fine museum quality work of art! I just love the extra wide shape of this gorgeous pot! Dramatic and eye catching, yet perfectly formed without a potter's wheel... just incredible!Approximate Measurements: 8 1/2" high x 27 1/2" in circumference at its widest point Artist: Pilo Mora, Mexico Category: Mata Ortiz Pottery

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